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1106 Jekyll & Hide Oxford Leather Handbag

R 3,595.00 R 3,295.00
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6020 Brando Leather Medium Size Sling Bag

R 2,395.00 R 1,995.00
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A-1014 Workmate Cross Body Tablet Bag

R 295.00
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Bella Bianca Leather Handbag Brown | D-391

R 3,395.00 R 2,716.00
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Brando Leather Daytona Sling Bag

R 1,795.00 R 1,649.00
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Brando Leather Daytona Waist Bag

R 1,695.00 R 1,495.00
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D-242 Bella Bianca Leather Handbag

R 3,495.00 R 2,796.00
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D-250 Bella Bianca Large Leather Handbag

R 3,295.00
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D-250 Bella Bianca Large Leather Shoulder Bag

R 3,295.00 R 2,636.00
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D-390 Bella Bianca Large Tote Leather Handbag

R 3,395.00
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D-391 Bella Bianca Leather Handbag

R 3,395.00 R 2,716.00
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D-395 Bella Bianca Multi Compartment Shoulder Bag

R 2,995.00 R 2,395.00
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What Does Your Handbag Say About You

Handbags define us! Do you agree? We are normally known better by our accessories, especially bags.

Woman like different kinds of bags.The wide-variety of bags include clutch, tote, shopper bags, small duffel bag, backpack, satchel and more. Ladies use bags differently to team them up with an appropriate look. A amazing clutch will compliment a party gown while tote is appropriate for a college-goer. Back packs work great for the adventures type while for overnight stays, small duffel works. Different Ladies have different taste. And bags have many things to reveal about your personality. bags must be picked as per the occasion and look acquired

We cannot carry one handbag all the time and more importantly, at different occasions. Then why not try different handbags and look perfect every time.

We at Giobags have a bag to suit any occasion

You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy a Handbag and That’s Kind of The Same Thing