A Guide on Choosing the Right Travel Luggage





A Guide on Choosing the Right Travel Luggage

Every successful trip begins with the right travel bag that suits your personal needs. Since every bag is not the same in quality and functions, you should have a better eye on what brand and size is the best fit for your upcoming trip.

The most important feature of a bag is its capability for smart packing. Often, there are situations where you have to squeeze everything into one bag and to fit all your items. There are also situations wherein you’re waiting at the conveyor belt and watch your luggage move toward you. The bad part is it comes with dents and looks horribly.

Choosing the right luggage can help you avoid these incidents and eliminate inconvenience. Here at Giobags, we specialize in providing high-quality bags that are designed for comfort and durability. We are a one-stop-shop for all your travelling needs.


Taking the Hassle out of your Travel

What bag should you carry on your trip? To secure that your trip will go smoothly, you need to have a reliable piece of luggage. That means it should cater plenty of pockets to allow easy organization of your items. You also want it to have a smart design such as hidden compartments, smooth rolling wheels, and lockable zippers.

Whether you are looking for soft luggage or a lightweight travel backpack, we got you covered. Below is a smart buying guide that will help you pick the best luggage for your dream journey.


What are my travel bag options?


This type of bag is recommended for weekend trips, single-day or overnight business trips, and international travel.

Carry-on bags are handy and can fit easily on the airplane’s overhead compartment and even car trunks. Most of us want to maximize and put everything we can according to the airplanes’ guidelines.

Though the luggage requirements vary by airline, the standard size for carry-on bags are about 55 x 22 x 10 centimeters . If you want a durable option, hard cases carry ons are a popular choice. However, if you are more of an over-packer, the soft luggage with exterior pockets will give you the space you need for souvenirs and other belongings.



Duffle bags are very easy to carry as most of them have handles and crossbody straps. They are usually cylindrical and commonly used by sportsmen and the military. Now, it is a popular carry-on used in travelling because of its strong and convenient features.

The main benefit of a duffel bag is it has enough space and wide opening which allows you to store all your essentials with ease. This makes it a valuable option for packing folded clothes and other large items.

This type of luggage is made of canvas, polyester, vinyl, and nylon which makes the duffle bag practically strong and a perfect companion throughout your trip.




As the name states, a weekender bag is practically designed to hold just enough travel items, toiletries, and clothing for your weekend trip. What’s great is it’s not too big or too small but on a perfect size which makes it suitable for shorter trips. It is lightweight and made of canvas, nylon, and leather. Because they’re not ideal for packing heavy items, you can utilize the weekender bag as a carry-on for longer journeys.




The name says it all – a backpack with wheels. The wheeled backpack is a combination of a backpack and a suitcase. It’s also a popular school bag for kids. The purpose of the wheeled backpacks is to allow you to carry enough items without adding too much strain on your back and shoulder. Thanks to the wheel option, you can simply roll them on the ground. If the terrain is not friendly, you just carry it on your shoulders. It’s such a great substitute for your traditional luggage.


Rolling luggage was typically designed with two wheels and a common choice for checked luggage. Nowadays, four-wheelers referred to as spinner luggage is becoming a popular option since they are easier to carry. Unlike the two-wheeler, the spinner luggage turns 360 degrees which makes it glide smoothly around tight corners. It comes with both soft shell and sturdy versions with the latter more durable on rough terrains.



A travel backpack is a top-rated choice among adventurers and backpackers. They look similar to a rucksack but with added features and benefits designed for maximum comfort. The ergonomic design, as well as smart details, enable you to pack easier and have convenient access while traveling. It’s a perfect option if you’re always on the move.

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Now that you already know the types of luggage, let us discuss some important checklist to plan your travel.


  1. The length of your trip.

No single luggage fits all kinds of journey. Ask yourself how long will you be travelling? 2 days? 5 days? You will need a rolling suitcase if you are preparing for a longer adventure because you’ll probably carry more items. If it’s just overnight or a weekend trip, then the weekender or a duffel bag is a good option depending on what you need to pack up.


  1. The Modes of transportation.

Will you be travelling by plane and have multiple layovers? Will your trip also include bus and train rides? If so, you need to pick a bag that is lightweight and easy to carry whatever modes of transportation you’ll be in. For this, rolling luggage may not be a good choice since it’s bulky and heavy. Instead, opt for a duffel or a wheeled backpack which easily fits in overhead compartments of buses, trains, and airplanes.


  1. The Place of Destination.

You should consider the location you will be heading to when choosing your travel bag. If you are likely to stay in one place for a longer time, you should get your rolling bag ready. If you are a traveler on the go, you need to have a lightweight companion that will enable you to head from one place to another.


  1. Activities.

What your travel is for? Are you on a short business trip or planning for a week-long vacation? You have to choose the right travelling gear which complements your activities. If you will go hiking with your friends, then a backpack will suit you. The bag should benefit you depending on the situation you are in. If you are on a beach trip, opt for a versatile bag that has smart features such as a wet compartment to store your wet items.


Where to buy Luggage?

Giobags offers bags of different categories depending on your personal and travel needs. Whether you want a more comfortable school and office bag, seeking a travel bag, or eyeing a fashionable handbag, our store has it available for you. Now, browse the products on our website and pick the right bag that suits your budget and preference.




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